About Fat Maverick; The Dog

The man behind the legend, Maverick is large Black Lab Mix that we rescued when he was two years old. Full of love and energy this guy has a longing for adventures in the woods, at the beaches, rivers or anything that New England has to offer him, including evening cuddles with his family by the wood stove. Maverick enjoys lounging on his bed in the barn while we work on projects, or napping in the grass at the brook after a long day of chasing minnows and crayfish. 

 Maverick is the most gentle soul we have ever met, but he is strong, determined, and resilient. Being diagnosed with a degenerative back disease and bad knees at age 4 was heart breaking. He has had surgery and on going therapy treatments. At age 6 he is still happy as can be, he just moves a bit slower. Maverick has inspired us to create a line of products just like him. Strong, durable, and handsome as can be. (update he is now 13!!! in 2022)

New England based,we want our product to stand up to the elements for the roughest conditions while also providing style and comfort.  Everything is 100% handmade in the USA at affordable pricing.

Family owned and operated in Canton,CT