Hiking McLean Game Refuge

The McLean Game Refuge is a 4,400 acres nature preserve with the majority of the land being in the town of Granby, with smaller sections of land on the Granby border in Simsbury and Canton, Connecticut. This is one of our favorite hiking spots, and its close to home. If you're in southern New England be sure to check this spot out, they even have specific trails for horse back riding! Today Jesse and I took our two dogs, my brothers girlfriend and their dog on a great hike around the pond at the Canton Rd entrance in Granby, CT.

After the recent snowfall the landscape was gorgeous and great for everyone to explore. All three dogs had a great time swimming in the various brooks and pond all while doing some casual rampaging and romping on the trials. Some of the terrain was a bit hard for Fat Maverick given his degenerative disease, but his tail was wagging the entire time, even when he slid down a hill on his butt and almost got stuck. Not to mention the immense joy they all had when we encountered numerous friendly dogs that were more than happy to welcome all three of our butt sniffers and engage in some friendly chasing games.

The weather was a bit overcast at 30 degrees and the ground was snowy with wet muddy areas, lucky for Jesse (who practically lives in his Chippewa Work Boots) he had Boot Buttered them up last week and his feet stayed nice and dry. We even used the Fabric Wax Bar on our sons toddler cowboy boots that we're not originally waterproof. Unfortunately for Katie she wore running sneakers...and they were nice and soggy by the end. eeek.

Dogs playing