Benefits of Using Our Boot Butter

Fat Mavericks Boot Butter is made from all natural ingredients and always free of petroleum, paraffin, and chemicals. Our all purpose waterproofing treatment is used to protect and condition all types of leather. Made from a blend of beeswax, butters, and oils to naturally repel water, while nourishing the leather and protecting it from staining. 

Our leather Boot Butter actually helps preserve and re-nourish the leather to make it last much long than products that use chemical and petroleum in their products. These chemicals and petroleum based products actually reduce the lifetime of the leather and lessens its ability to stay soft, it will make the leather crack and become more brittle over the life of the boot. We want to treat leather products like we treat out own skin, no chemicals and no harsh additives. You wouldn't go rubbing petroleum on your skin would you?

Check out the before and after photos we've received from our customers!

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